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[ OpenWrt @ dtech(.hu) ]
Unofficial precompiled OpenWrt firmware images, package repositories and RedBoot loaders for unsupported devices

/firmware/	Precompiled firmware images and package repositories
/projects/	Source codes of own projects
/redboot/	RedBoot bootloader images
/tools/		Utilities: Flash writer, JTAG and UART tools, TFTP server, CDP scanner, etc.

Supported devices:
- Wistron RDAA-81 (CA8-PRO) device with factory bootloader only (Ath25),
- RaidSonic IB-NAS4210-B Single Bay NAS (zImage format kernel only),
- MRT GigaNAS 35HD-NAS-E Single Bay NAS (zImage format kernel only),
- MikroTik RouterBOARD SXT 5HnD - in USB-NAS configuration (Ar71xx).

RedBoot support only:
- NETGEAR ProSafe 802.11g AP, Model WG102 (Ath25).

Obsolated firmwares:
- Ovislink WLA-5000AP / Wistron CA8-4 firmware images,
  Reason: the firmware wasn't tested.
- Wistron RDAA-81 'Standard' and 'LAN-Router' firmware images,
  Reason: the currently supported firmware is 'Switch+AP'.
- MikroTik RB532(A) that have dead ether1 interface (RB532*),
  Reason: Outdated build.

============================================================ BUILD SERVERS =================================================================================================
Name:			Target device:	Build platform:	OpenWrt Version:		Firmware version:	Release date:	Status:
- [ STABLE BUILDS ] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------	IB-NAS4210-B	Gemini		Chaos Calmer 15.05.1		Standard		2018-03-14	DONE	35HD-NAS-E	Gemini		Chaos Calmer 15.05.1		Standard		2018-03-14	DONE	RB SXT-5HnD	Ar71xx		Chaos Calmer 15.05		USB-NAS Edition		2017-01-07	DONE (buzzerled+ethfix)	RDAA-81 	Ath25		Chaos Calmer 15.05		Switch+AP		2016-02-08	FAILED:
- [ OBSOLATED BUILDS ] -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------	RDAA-81 	Atheros		Attitude Adjustment 12.09	LAN Router v2.0		2013-04-28	DONE	RB532*		RB532		Backfire 10.03.1		ServerBOARD v1.1	2012-07-02	DONE

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