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[ CA8 ]
AirCA8-based devices with zLoader (AR231x)

Supported devices:
- Ovislink AirLive WLA-5000AP (v2/v3) and Wistron CA8-4 (with 4MB flash only)
- Wistron RDAA-81 (CA8-PRO)

These images are compatible with factory bootloader only!

Backfire 10.03.1, r29638 (stable) port fixes

- There is no JFFS2 release for devices (flash size is too small for the image).
- Fixed CA8 support patches for kernel: partitions (CA8_PRv2), interfaces (CA8_CRv2).
- Fixed Reset Button pin to GPIO #6. (It isn't working perfectly at cold start.)
- Added new 'viper' mtdpoint to physflash for easy bootloader upgrade. (DANGEROUS!!!)
- CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) daemon and init.d script added to image.

Specialized firmwares for RDAA-81

[-OLD-] Standard (openwrt-standard-rdaa-81-squashfs.bin):
All Ethernet ports (1-3) are switched and assigned to LAN (eth0.1). There is no WAN support.

[-NEW-] LAN Router (openwrt-lanrouter-rdaa-81-squashfs.bin):
The 1st and 2nd Ethernet ports are assigned to LAN (eth0.1), but the 3rd port is hardcoded to WAN (eth0.2).

Build server:
Latest builds:
Standard: 2012-06-14, LAN Router: 2012-06-16.
lighttpd/1.4.49 (win64)