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rdaa81_v6_16x1_lcd_panel.jpg2013-Apr-21 11:04:10687.2Kimage/jpeg
[ RDAA-81 ]
Wistron RDAA-81 (CA8-PRO) device with zLoader (Atheros)

================== !!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! ==================
This firmware image is compatible with factory bootloader only

Product specification:
Vendor:		Wistron NeWeb Corporation
CPU:		Atheros AR2313A @ 180MHz (mips)
Memory:		32 MiB
Flash size:	4 MiB
Bootloader:	zImage
Ethernet ports:	3 x 10/100 (PHY: Marvell 88E6060-RCJ1)
Wireless:	Atheros AR5112 (802.11a/b/g)
MiniPCI slots:	N/A
Input voltage:	5V DC, Mini Barrel Jack (special)
UART settings:	115200 baud, 8-N-1 mode (TTL-compatible logic levels)

Chaos Calmer 15.05 kernel port fixes

Standard firmware image (Switch+AP) - Atheros Ath25 (r46767) - 2016-02-08

>  Not published yet because there is a problem with ethernet driver:

[REM] Some package has been removed (flash limit): ppp, firewall, ipv6.
[MOD] LAN-Router firmware dropped, because the performace of SoC isn't enough for routing.

LAN Router - Version 2.0 (r36422) - 2013-04-28

[NEW] New package added to image: luci-app-upnp.
[INF] Firmware source description added to banner file.
[INF] Image builder and SDK added to downloads.

LAN Router - Version 2.0 RC1 (r34185) - 2012-12-12

[FIX] GPIO #4 LED's color name fixed (yellow -> orange).
[NEW] Some package added to image: miniupnpd, ddns-scripts, luci-app-ddns.
[MOD] This release compiled with standard package repository.

LAN Router - Version 2.0 BETA (r33312) - 2012-11-06

[INF] There is no JFFS2 release from this image, because the flash size is too small for that.
[INF] Support pacthes migrated form backfire: device and LED configuration (zConfig), WAN port fix (zSwitch).
[INF] Migrated utilities: CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) daemon, boardinfo.
[MOD] Respository of own projects added to opkg.conf.
[MOD] WLAN LED pre-configuration removed from uci-defaults; Reason: defined by default config.
[FIX] New zLoader partition parser implemented for 3.x kernel support (zLoader).
[REM] Removed package: 'swconfig'; Reason: it's not used for Marvell switch.


Firmware version:	Standard firmware image (Switch+AP)
Kernel version:		3.18.20
Image format:		zImage (LZMA)
Rootfs Type:		SquashFS
Build server:
Build host:		Debian GNU/Linux, Version 7.0
Latest build:		2016-02-08
lighttpd/1.4.48 (Win64)