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[ RB532 + Ethernet Fix ]
MikroTik RB532(A) that have dead ether1 interface (RB532*)

============================ !!! IMPORTANT WARNING !!! =============================
If your ether1 interface is dead, DON'T USE THAT PORT, because the supply voltage is
propably present on the datalines and it may damage your other connected hardware!!!

Product specification:
Vendor:         MikroTikls Ltd.
CPU:            IDT 79RC32435 @ 266/333/400MHz (mipsel)
Memory:         32 or 64 MB
Flash size:     64 or 128 MiB
Bootloader:     RouterBOOT
Ethernet ports: 3 x 10/100 (PHY: Korina + 2x VIA Rhine) -> 2 if ether1 is dead (VIA Rhines only)
Wireless:       N/A
MiniPCI slots:  2
Input voltage:  12/48V DC (jumper), Barrel Jack or PoE (passive) -> no PoE if ether1 is dead

Backfire 10.03.1, r29638 (stable) port fixes

- Korina (IDT RC32434) driver removed from kernel (ether1).
- Swap support enabled in kernel (Ticket #8079).
- 'libnl-tiny' package added to rootfs (Ticket #10364).
- 'cf2nand' and 'wget2nand' scripts removed (these have several issues).
- CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol) daemon and init.d script added to image.

This firmware image is compatible with RouterBOOT Version 2.18.

Firmware version: ServerBOARD EtherFix, v1.1 (stable)
Kernel version:
Build server:
Build host:       Debian GNU/Linux, Version 6.0.5
Latest build:     2012-07-02
lighttpd/1.4.49 (win64)